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The Mission of BellWest America

Richard Engle

"To serve American communities with quality publications; To provide publications which earn the trust of consumers; honor the trust of our advertisers; provide a rewarding opportunity for our employees, associates, and representatives; and to build a profitable company."

BellWest America will always strive to fulfill its call to be The Book About Us.

Our employees, associates and representatives are empowered to fulfill the mission of The Book About Us. When faced with a request they shall engage the Four Way Test. Is it good for the Advertiser? Is it good for the consumer? Is it good for The Book About Us? Is it good for me?

If the answer to all four is affirmative then they need look no further; the answer to the request is also affirmative.

The Book About Us is determined that every decision be positive for all involved. Advertisers shall be treated with honor and respect, being advised to purchase what will honestly serve their interests. The interests of the consumers individually and corporately as a community will be represented. The company shall expect to profit and grow with every business relationship. Every person working in relationship with The Book About Us can expect the experience to be rewarding and fulfilling.

Richard Engle Signature

Are you interested in working as a BellWest America sales Representative? BellWest America pays its Representatives the highest commission in the industry. If you are ready for a great new career opportunity, if you are self motivated and have experience in business to business sales then we look forward to receiving your resume. You may send your resume to Engle@BellWest.us, call (405) 789-9350 or mail, BellWest America, PO Box 699, Bethany, Oklahoma 73008.