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Richard Engle

-> As the publisher of The Book About Us, I welcome you to our corporate website. BellWest America is Oklahoma's largest independent publisher of community guides.

We believe in the communities we serve and over the years we have met the challenge to fill the void left by out-of-state publishers. We know that in many communities our publications serve as the primary means of maintaining a single, easy-to-access compendium of community information. The Book About Us is your source of information about the businesses we depend on for products and services, churches we attend, institutions we patronize and government entities designed to serve us.

Our publications reach over 530,000 consumers residing within Oklahoma and Texas.

In addition to our efforts to provide publications, The Book About Us is pioneering innovative methods for integrating our publications with the Internet. Through our online version of The Book About Us we have developed the highest quality search engine optimized Web portal while maintaining the look and feel of traditional publication which continues to be beneficial to consumers and advertisers alike. The Book About Us allows advertisers to directly channel internet traffic to their web and social media platforms.

I invite you to contact me at Engle@BellWest.us with ideas that can be used to improve The Book About Us in future years.

On behalf of the BellWest America team, thank you for allowing us to serve your business and your community.

Richard Engle Signature